How to activate mobile internet in my mobile?

Stay connected to internet services anywhere

Depending on your mobile device model capabilities, you can get connected to internet or download various items via different protocols (WAP, GPRS, EDGE).

You can use these services to surf the net, check your emails, use the handset as modem to connect wireless internet to your personal computer, MMS, chatting and downloading different applications.
All Ncell SIM cards already have mobile internet activated. In case, you need to activate manually, please follow any of the below procedures: 
  • Type A and send SMS to 900224
  • Dial 900 and follow the instructions
  • Dial *100# and follow the instructions
Once activated, type ALL and send it to 9595. You will receive automatic settings for your phone. Save the settings and you are ready to surf.

In case, the automatic setting did not work, you will have to manually set the mobile internet.
Go to Settings menu of your mobile and then to the internet/mobile data/cellular/web settings and input the following information.
APN web
IP Address/ Proxy IP
Port 9201 (For WAP1)/ 8080 (For HTTP or WAP2)
Home page www.ncell.com.np

For reference on the manual internet setting configuration on various mobile phones, please click here. Please note, all handsets do not support mobile internet facility.

To know how to prevent unnecessary loss of cellular data, click here.
To deactivate the mobile internet from your phone, follow any of the below procedures:
  1. Type R and send SMS to 900224
  2. Dial 900 and follow the instructions
  3. Dial *100# and follow the instructions
Watch ‘How To’ video on this service made by one of our customers.