Packages and prices

Enjoy the fastest internet in Nepal in your mobile, tablet, laptop and other devices with the following packages.
Package Price Validity How to subscribe? Charge after package is over (for Prepaid)
3MB Rs. 6 24 hours Dial *99091# Rs. 6/ MB
10MB Rs. 30 30 days Dial *99092# Rs. 6/ MB
40MB Rs. 99 30 days Dial *99093# Rs. 4/ MB
100MB Rs. 199 30 days Dial *99094# Rs. 4/ MB
300MB Rs. 299 30 days Dial *99095# Rs. 4/ MB
500MB Rs. 399 30 days Dial *99096# Rs. 2/ MB
1GB Rs. 699 30 days Dial *99097# Rs. 2/ MB
5GB Rs. 1999 30 days Dial *99098# Rs. 2/ MB
10GB Rs. 2999 30 days Dial *99099# Rs. 2/ MB
# The charges applicable after the package is over means the charge with which you can surf internet without buying another package within the validity period. For example, if you consume all the data of 40MB in 25 days, you will be able to surf internet at Rs. 4 per MB for the remaining 5 days. Standard per MB charge of Rs. 6 per MB will apply after the validity period is over for Prepaid customers while normal rate as per the plans will apply for Pro customers. However, it is always recommended that you purchase another pack for better rates. 

All the packages are applicable for all Prepaid and Pro tariff except Ncell Connect.
To know the remaining data balance, dial *901#.

Data surfing rate without subscribing any package:
All Prepaid tariff Rs. 6/MB
Pro Premium Rs. 2/MB
Pro Plus Rs. 3/MB
Pro Classic Rs. 4/MB
 For Connect customers, click here for the list of available packs, rates and subscription process.

All rates are exclusive of taxes.

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