Inflight Roaming: Using Ncell Mobile Phone Service on the Plane

Stay connected with family, friends or business with our inflight roaming service while traveling by air. With In-flight roaming Ncell Postpaid subscribers can call, SMS and browse the internet on your device during selected international flights. This service is currently available with only one operator “Aero Mobile”. You just need to check whether the aircraft you are boarding offers the In-Flight Roaming service.‬
In-Flight Tariff rates
no Operator Network Code Call Back to Nepal
Local Outgoiong Call
Outgoing Call to other destinations
Incoming Call
Outgoing SMS
1 Aero Mobile NORM 611.76 611.76 611.76 203.39 177.90
Note: All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes.
List of Route and Airlines where the service is available.
AMC (Aero Mobile Company) Route
# Departing from Airlines Available Aircrafts
1 Ireland to the US
Aer Lingus
All of their long haul fleet (Airbus A330s)
2 Dubai. Emirates All Airbus A330s and A340s and selected Boeing B777s
3 Abu-Dhabi Etihad Most of their long haul fleet (B777-300ER, A340-600, 340-500, A330-200, A330-300)
4 Doha Qatar Airways Selected  A330-200
5 Malaysia Malindo Air Selected  B737-900
6 London Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester Virgin Atlantic Selected Airbus A330-300 and Boeing B747-400
7 Munich and Frankfurt Lufthansa All long haul fleet (A330-200, A330-300, A340-300, A340-600, B747-400, B747-800 and A380)
8 Taiwan Eva Air Selected  B777-300s
9 Singapore to London Heathrow or Tokyo Singapore Airlines Selected B777-300ER
10 Rome and Milan Alitalia Selected Airbus 330s.
11 Scandinavian and European routes Scandinavian Airlines Selected B737-800
12 Various locations in Russia Transaero Selected Boeing B747s and B777s
13 Belgrade within Europe and Middle East Air Serbia A319 and A320 aircraft
14 Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France  Aircraft B777-300



Question: What is in flight roaming?
Answer: A service which enables customers to stay connected whilst travelling by air and is available on aircrafts in conjunction with Aero-Mobile. This unique service enables all postpaid subscribers who are activated for international roaming; make use of their mobile phones whilst on the plane. Customers can make & receive calls, send receive SMS and browse the internet while in the air on international flights.
Question: When Can I use the services?
Answer: The cabin crew will make an announcement to let you know when you can turn your phone on and use the service. The AeroMobile network becomes available when the aircraft has reached 6000 meters above the ground. The network is available throughout the cruise phase of the flight but phones must be switched off for take-off and landing.
Question: Is it safe? Why can we now use phones in-flight?
Answer: You can only use your mobile phone on an aircraft which has been equipped with the AeroMobile Network. Specially certified hardware has been installed inside these aircraft to make it safe to use mobile phones in-flight.
Question: What should I see on my device?
Answer: Once you’ve turned on your device you should connect to the AeroMobile network fairly quickly. AeroMobile will be displayed as the network provider and you will receive a welcome text message. You can then make and receive calls, texts, email and browse just as you would on the ground.
Question: Can I use my phone at in-flight? 
Answer: While we cannot guarantee coverage when you're travelling in-flight, you may be able to pick up some in-flight service providers. We recommend you to get in touch with the airlines directly in order to check whether the system will be available on their specific flight.
Note: You will need to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to use mobile data. Some applications send and receive data in the background (i.e. emails, weather updates, etc….) this can usually be managed within the application settings.

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