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Local call rates

Sajilo Tariff

One rate across the nation!
Wherever you call – within Ncell or to other networks within Nepal, call at one rate.
Outgoing call rates (10 seconds pulse rate) Rate (per minute)(excl. of taxes)
Ncell to Ncell and all other networks Rs. 1.99
Ncell to 5 My5 numbers Rs. 0.99
Ncell to Ncell (Night tariff: 10pm-6am) Rs. 0.69
To know about My5 service, click here.
Activate Night tariff to call to Ncell numbers at less rates during 10pm to 6am. Dial *1006# to activate. No activation charge.
Outgoing SMS Rate (per SMS) (excl. of taxes)
Ncell to Ncell Rs. 1
Ncell to other network Rs. 1.27
 Incoming calls and SMS are free of cost.
Incoming calls and incoming SMS are free of cost.

All the charges mentioned are exclusive of taxes. Pulse rate is 10 seconds
Click here to check the procedure to add Ramro numbers.
To switch your mobile number from Ramro tariff to Sajilo tariff, dial *100*23#. Please note, once switched to Sajilo, changing back to Ramro tariff is not possible and Friends and Family service is not applicable in Sajilo Tariff.

International call rates

International call rates for Prepaid customers:

Country Rate (Rs.) (excl. of taxes)
Canada & USA 1.99
India 2.99
Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom 4.99
Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand 6
Slovakia 8
France 10
Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary 11
Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan 11.99
Saudi Arabia 12
Australia, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cyprus, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria 15
United Arab Emirates 18
Qatar,Poland 20
Maldives 20.99
Spain 27
Luxembourg 28
Austria, Portugal 36
Rest Countries 48.99

New call rate for Qatar, Bahrain & UAE was applicable from Poush 14,2075.New Call rate for Austria,Cyprus,Czech Rep,France,Greece,Hungary,Luxembourg,Poland,Slovakia,Spain applicable from Baisakh 24,2076 & new call rate from Portugal was applicable from Poush 8,2076.

Outgoing SMS Rate (per SMS) (excl. of taxes)
Bahrain, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India,
Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, USA Rs. 5
Ncell to all international destinations Rs. 10
All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes. Pulse rate is 30 seconds 
  • Mentioned rate for USA and Canada do not include other destination with code +1 other than USA and Canada 
  • Mentioned rate for United Kingdom do not include the destinations listed here.
  • Selected premium destinations for AustraliaUnited Kingdom and other EU countries will cost Rs. 48.99 (excl. tax) per minute.

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